30 August 2010


I went shopping sunday morning looking for some shoes to wear out that night and i could find exactly what i wanted but i found some simlar so got them but i really didnt realise how high they were!! Dont know if il ever be able to walk in them lol thinking of taking them back.I ending up wearing my flats. I also got i nice gold charm braclet from primark.

I was is such a rush to pick my friend you i dint have time to take a pic of my make up or outfit and could only find one picture of me on my camera .

I was very drunk at this point :/

august faves

 EEEEKKK its nearly september!!! :) my favourite month!As its my boys first and second birthdays my 22nd and my sisters 18th!! busy month ey?!
                                              Heres what ive been loving this month.

love love love macs face and body! i have talked about this before, if your want to read up about its check back throught my posts  :) great foundation!!

This is a great daytime palette i have been wearing it nearly everyday!
nortotiety palette by mac. 

I have been wearing this on a night mostly when im going out gives a really go highlight shimmer.Although great for daytime too :).

barry m super soft eye crayon.
I use this as a base when im wanting darker eyes great for making colours pop!

This lip scrub leaves your lips so soft!
definitly on to try!
smells so good!
These are in a bit of a state i know but i love these colour so much.
They have been used alot!
These are the only two colours i have used all august!

29 August 2010

spray tan

Just got back from a spray tan party at my friends, were all going out tomorrow so thought it would be nice to have a good tan :).

 The tan she used was sun laboratories. Its my favourite tanner i get it in the spary bottles i love it! doesnt make you look orange at all, so was very happy when i saw that it was this she was going to be using :).

I also got my hair cut too :) still as long just lots of layers.
Coloured my hair darker yesterday as well  'light brown' . The colour i last put on was fading and needed redoing i was going to put blonde high lights in but i couldnt find it in the store. I had this colour left at home went for it.
This is when i got home, no make up.

The colour i used, i put it on my hair and then washed it of straight away if i would have left it 10 minutes i would of had black hair, always takes really fast.

25 August 2010

About me tag

I was tagged by the lovely http://starsglittermagic.blogspot.com/ :).

1. What is your favourite fashion magazine?
I actually have bought any magazines for a while because i usually look on the internet,but i do want to start getting some.
Suggestions on the best would be helpful :)

2. Who is your favourite singer/band?
Hard questionnnn! I love lots, i dont really have just one favourite.I love beyonce, rihanna , travie , katy perry, britney, pixi lotte i could go on lol.

3. Who is your favourite youtube guru?

Ive watched xsparkage since she started and love her videos but i think my favourite right now is makeupbymell :) also loving littlekiva.

4. What is your favourite makeup product?

I cant live without mascara so probably that, i love bronzer too :)

5. Where would you like to live?
Some were hot :) ive always wanted to live somewhere like LA or california.

6. What is your favourite film?

Probably lake house, 50 first dates or ps i love you.

7. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

No clue, i have quite a lot but i dont wear that many of them.

8. What is your favourite colour?

purple i think :/ maybe yellow and orange too.

The people i tag are.....







23 August 2010

mini haul

Today i went to the york outlet to have a look in there cco i didnt get much but thought i would share it with you :)

i got a mac palette called notoriety i love the colours great for everyday.
skintone 1
skintone 2
rich &earthy
only £20!

Without a base

with bare study paint pot


studio stick foundation ,
its quite dark but i wear fake tan so its fine when blended in.

Then i called to body shop to pick up some carrot cream for my mum and got abroen lippt lip balm in pink guava.

22 August 2010

daily booth??? shaytards?

Ive just signed up to daily booth, thought if i cant post some days least i can show you what im up to  :).To be honest i have no clue what im doing on it yet. Just trying to work out how to use it!
Do any of you have it ?
Leave a comment below and let me know your name so i can follow you :)

Also have any of you seen the shaytard videos on youtube? I found out about them from a blogger and love watching there videos now theres so many.They have done a video everyday for over a year! the kids are so cute!Princess tard looks the double of my sisters little girl ally its crazy!


ally my neice!

Princess tard!

21 August 2010


Here are the things i picked up from meadowhall ,
Bubblegum lip scrub it smells so good! mske lips really soft.
Plus you can eat it, well lick it of your lips after scrubing, its only sugar :/

Sweetie pie wobbly jelly.I love love love this smell i could sit and smell it all day!
says it has cherry coconut and cassis in with glitter sparkles and leaves your skin smelling tropical ands feeling fabulously sofened.

vaseline cocoa butter vitalising gel body oil, with brazilian nut and alonds oils.
i love the smell of this and how soft it leaves your skin.

picked this up from topshop  from there rock rebles collection

This is also from topshop in the tea and cake collection

then some black leggings from h&m for £5.99 which are so comfy :)

16 August 2010


My hair now.(middle)

Ive been thinking for a while that i want to do somthing different with my hair.Im not sure if i want to get rid of the lenght as i love it been long but not sure how to change it up a bit? . I used to wear my hair down everyday but since having the boys while at home i useally have it up now because they hold on to it.ouch! so i just looks a bit boring right now which i hate. Ive been thinking lots of short layer or somthing?

what do you guys think?

Although i have been liking these sorts of styles im not sure if they would suit me or i dare to go that short!?

Should i have a HUGE change to stick to long hair?

Best beauty blogger award :D

First a huge thank you to http://starsglittermagic.blogspot.com/ for giving me this award! check her blog and youtube out!

I love all the feed back i get for my blog. I love seeing ive gotten more comments :).I love that people are looking and reading what i write :) and would like to share with you a few of my favourite bloggers,so the people i give this award to areeee.....











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