30 May 2011

This week....

(Fail) lol

Laura xxx

Batiste...XXL Volume!!


Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo is the latest addition to the Batiste family.
I'm sure you all know im a huge Batiste fan ive gone through bottle and bottles of the Stuff!
I love to use it to add volume to my hair so when i found out there was a new one specially for voluming i was so excited about trying it!

The Bottle now have new packaging to with picture's showing the steps with i think is great!

....and its bigger!!!!

This had got to be the best thing they could have done?
The product is great but always runs out to fast!?
Instead of 150ml They are now 200ml, but there is also a 400ml!!
I need to get one of the 400ml!

I'm really excited about the new size/volumising formula all they need now is to make the 'with a hint of colour' ones bigger and volumising because i think that has to be my favourite range although now im blonde again i don't mind the original but when i was darker i loved the brown hint of colour.

I was in need if a bit of a lift today so i gave the new bottle a try.......

You can see here my hair i flat and oily, i was rushing to get out of the house and didn't have time to wash it in the morning ....

....After oiliness has gone and my roots don't look as bad :)
I Love Batiste on days like this!!

The 200ml XXL is £3.99 ,you can get it at Boots and superdrug
Sainsbury’s and other Pharmacies.
Laura xxx

28 May 2011

Collection 2000 Haul...

I picked a few bits up from boots last week all Collection 2000.
I went for the lasting perfection concealer as everyone had been saying how amazing it is and really cheap.
I have always love there Glam Crystals and these two caught my eye straight away.
The colours are so pretty i am totally in love with them.
I have had the Gold and Green one for a while and always liked them so thought id add a few more to my little collection.
I normally wear them when im going on a night out to add a bit extra.

I got the concealer in medium.
Loveeee this colour!
This is- Le Freak- Number 5
Really gorgeous Aqua blue.

This one is Shake it up- Number 11.
Really Pretty purple with different coloured glitter bits in.
You cant really see from the picture but the coloured glitter really makes it!
Its definitely what drew me to it.

I picked the Glam Crystals up for £2.99 each but ive just looked on the Boots website and there now on offer 2 for £5!

I also called in to Superdrug for a points card :)
My sister just got a Job there which shes super excited about :D
Congrats Jess ;)
Laura xxx

25 May 2011

China Glaze- Laced up

Laced up is from China Glaze kicks collection in 2009.

Its is a very “Barbie pink”  but is bright too.

This polish has to be the best formula. Is is the easiest polish i have ever applied it went on so nicely, very smooth and even.
It is different to other China Glaze polishes i have tryed, some can be thick and hard to apply.This ones was thin but also very pigmented so it didn't streak.
Definitely the best polish to apply in my whole collection.

I picked mine up from eBay as i do all my China Glaze. Including postage from America it was around £4.00 and took one week to arrive.
Laura xxx

24 May 2011

Haul...Feathers & more...

I went into town with my mum and sister a few days ago...my plan was to not buy anything :/ ......

I picked these up from River Island and they were i the sale as there shop was closeing down and moving to the new shopping centre over the road.
They were orignanly £12-99 and i got them for £4!
I  wasnt sure on the balls on them but i likerd the feathers and as i hadnt got anything with feathers i thought id get them... i could always take the balls off....

After River island i went to Primark and sw they had some feather bits in so i got two feather head bands.
Both £2 each.
The bottom one im thinking of cutting up and making a DIY feather extention..
The three feathers on the bottom of it would look good as an extention clipped into the hair.
If i do it i will make a post on how i did it and what i used...

This head band i got from the new River island shop in the new centre.
Ive wanted one of these for a while and when i spotted this on i had to try it i love the colours and think it would go nicely with my  blonde hair :) . 
I think this was £6.99

Then finally to random bits from Primark...
Shorts £4
And White pumps £2.50 :)

Laura xxx

23 May 2011

Graze ...Week 5..

This is my 5th box already? woza the weeks are going fast!
I was very happy to see HoneyComb Flapjack in there again today :) i need a little treat after this morning!
(ear is swollen and sore :( booo!)

I keep getting dent the Flapjack because i click send soon everything i rate because its so yummy :) not because Graze just send same all time on there own.

Actually i think all this box is a send soon box....
Soooo inside.....

Great Fire Dragon..

Jumbo chilli maize, roasted maize & Chilli broad beans


Honeycomb Flapjack
Nuf 'said YUMMMM
Rustic rolled oat flapjack with honeycomb and milk chocolate!

Omega booster seeds..

35g of Linseed, pumpkin & sunflower seeds.

Natural Vanilla Seeds...

Vanilla pumpkin and sunflower seeds

And all the info ...

What your favourite thing you tryed from graze,would love to know so i can give it a try :)??

If you want to try a Graze box you can get your first one FREE and second Half price by using the code


I think if you use the link here it should add the code for you :) .

Why not give them a try while there free! There worth it!!!

You can cancel the boxes at anytime which is a great thing about Graze or if you cant afford it one week just press the 'push back' button and it will miss a week :) .

Laura xxx

22 May 2011

This week....

Another new piercing ..

lots of walks with Bella...
Boys Playing with there cousin ...
Cambell and Bailey(There Cousin)
Feather earring?

First GlossyBox..
Still on the Salads...

Jake and Daniel (Cousin)

Laura xxx
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