30 October 2011

Our first Pumpkin carving...

So yesterday i posted about how id been on the hunt for our first pumpkins and that we were all going to sit down and carve them ready for Halloween... well here they are....
We had so much fun doing it, the boys were so excited Jake came up to me and Jason after (separately) and said 'thank you for my pumpkin,i love it' :) <3
It was a really great activity to do as a family, We will definitly carrying it on and doing one every year!!

So here they are....
:) Happy halloween!!!! 
Laura xxx

29 October 2011

halloween prep ....

Today has been spent hunting down Pumpkins as we left it so close to Halloween everywhere has sold out. I finally for a shop that had four left pheww! So tonight is the start of a new family tradition :) pumpkin carving for Halloween ween :).
I love that i can not start new little traditions with my boys and make every Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc as exciting as i possible. Tonight will be mine Jason and the boys first time carving pumpkins .... well obvs the boys wont be carving then but still... they'll be getting to draw on there own pumpkin :) 
We also picked up  more sweets for the trick or treater's as the ones we already had seem to of disappeared over the last week..... 
Pictures of the finished pumpkins will be up later tonight :) ekkk I'm excited :) 

Leave me a link to your pumpkin post id love to see them!!

Laura xxx

26 October 2011

This week...

 Not many Instagram pictures this week half of them are in a folder i cant get to :( ,.... if you have an Instagram app you can follow me at @lora505 ....i really need to think of a better name for things :( any ideas?!
This week i have still been going to the gym as much as possible and eating lots of fruits, im addicted to making smoothies my fave at the minute is banana apple and raspberry with a tiny bit of milk. Im trying to cut down on carbs as much as possible too. 
Poor head...After getting back from the gym last week i was helping Jason get the big computer down from the loft and when i was trying to get the tower ( main computer bit) the side feel if and hit me on the head :( its really heavy and metal and hurt! not I'm left with a lovely cut in the middle of my head.
Working working working...These last too week should of been Jason's days of but hes been doing lots of over time mon-fri last week and the same this week so we haven't really been up to much, i took the boys for a walk yesterday ...with no pushchair for the little one! and they both walked great all the way there and back, no wanting to be picked up .... which could of been a big mess if they had because i wouldn't of been able to carry them both all the way back!
Halloween....I'm really looking forward to Halloween and getting the boys dressed up :) every year me and my sisters take our children to my mums house and take them all round together which they all love! I watched Hocus Pocus on Monday night too :) ... had to be done.. its a classic ;)

What have you been doing this week ???

Laura xxx

21 October 2011

October-Boudoir Prive box..

My postman just knocked at the with my a little surprise for me :) , I totally forgot my box was on its way even though i did get a dispatched email yesterday, so was a very Nice surprise when i was handed my box :). I rushed to open it and im really happy with whats inside, theres quite a few samples 2 of which are full size  :). 
This post will just be showing the item from the box then i will do reviews after i have used them etc...

 Quince body butter- 50ml
£12.50 - 150ml
 Studio make up -Line styler Pen -1.1ml
£12.00- 1.1ml
 Rose & Co - Rose Petal Salve-20g
Ceteum- Illuminating mask- 5ml
£25.00 -50g
Cetuem- Creme de lite-5ml
£45.00- 50ml
Leonor Greyl- Huile de Palme-25ml
Memo Paris -Les Echappees
£105.00- 75ml
Then finally an invatation to RMK where you can get a complimentary session and goody bag.
The thing with this though is that its only at Selfridges which it far for lots of Boudoir prive subscribers to get to so lots of use will miss out :( .

Overall im really happy with this box and really looking forward to using all the products 100% worth the £10 i payed!!!!
What did you think of the box this month? are you subscribed? will you be?

Laura xxxx

Out we go ....

Ive been really loving h&m recently ( apart from there online delivery service, that's the worst!!). I noticed while looking through my wardrobe a few days ago that nearly everything ive bought over the last few months to a year is all from there! It has definitely taken over my wardrobe and become my 'go to' shop.

Right now im loving these long loose tops, i love that there loose and long enough to wear with leggings. I do put a white vest top under as there quite thin. And there only £6.99!

I went back on Sunday  and bought it in two other colours ekkk, anyone else do that? love a something so buy it in every colour!? 

I wore this one to go out for a meal at the weekend with my leggings, blazer and my long scarf (also h&m).

Whats your favourite shop right now?
Laura xxx

17 October 2011

This week i .....

This week was quite a busy week. I went to the gym everyday and made sure i had a good workout everyday.Im really loving it alot more than i expected.

Ive totally fallen in love with candles this week i just think they look so pretty and make the house feel so nice and cosy :) ... winters a comin'.
I decorated the house with some halloween bits too eeeekkkk Jason wasnt to happy as its still awhile away but i bought the stuff anad could wait, i knew the boys would love it :).

I went out for two meals at the weekend oppps!! Friday was  my friends birthday so that was a must! Then saturday jasons cousin can down so we went out for tea then came home and watched the boxing ....

Jason started his days off so he was around more at the end of the week, although he is doing a full week of overtime this week but its only untill 4 so the boys will get to see him before bed :).

Laura xxx

13 October 2011

Keromask Camouflage Cream

 Today i want to share an amazing product with you, the reason i think its amazing is because i think it can help alot of people. Many people suffer from scars or marks on the body that effects there confidence and they would feel happier if they were covered and this product does that. It can help cover any thing from scars to birthmarks, tattoos or even been used to cover eyebrows for make up looks like Sam from Pixiwoo recently showed in her new video . Drew Barrymore has used this to cover her tattoos on the red carpet as well as on the movie "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams have also used it on in the hit Television series, "Dawson's Creek".
About Keromask
Product Description - Keromask® Masking Cream by Christy UK, is an ultra-highly pigmented and extremely concentrated camouflage cream for disguising a variety of common skin problems, large or small, such as:

Age spots • Acne marks and scars • Birthmarks • Broken capillaries • Bruises and Post-operative bruising • Burn Scars • Dark circles under the eyes • Eczema • Flushing • Moles • Permanent pigmentation problems • Port wine stains • Psoriasis • Rosacea • Scar discoloration • Tattoos • Temporary discoloration • Varicose veins • Vitiligo • And more…

Powerfully concentrated, just a small pin-drop of Keromask® is all that’s needed for many kinds of skin discoloration coverages. Generally one thin smoothed layer is sufficient coverage for most situations. However, in the case of very prominent discolorations, additional thinly applied layers of cream is more effective. Everyday make-up can be applied over a sealed area of Keromask® without disturbing it.
Keromask has an SPF12 sunscreen and is 100% waterproof when sealed with a loose finishing/setting powder. Keromask can also be worn when swimming or playing sports, and just one application can last up to eight hours, providing you with effective coverage throughout your day.

My coverage test.

I wanted to have a play about with the cream and see how well it worked at covering those imperfections. On one of my cheek i have a few tiny scars, freckles and little bit of redness, it looks really bad in the picture net to the picture of perfect skin but its not really too bad but my other cheek is clear so this side is my problem side that i always use a Little bit extra concealer on. As you can see from the picture the camouflage cream really does cover everything!
Then again on my chin i have a little scratch, so i wanted to test if the cream would cover darker marks.... i was quite shocked when it totally covered it up and you really couldn't see it was there at all.


The formula of this is just like a full coverage creamy foundation, it goes on really easy and blends out well i used my Sigma Flat top kabuki to apply it.
The shade i used was a mixture of light 3 & 13.

Long lasting?
The formula is waterproof, smudge proof and heat resistant. It is dermatologically tested and lasts a long time. They also stock wipes which are designed especially for removing the camouflage cream. 

 I love this kit i think its amazing at totally covering up unwanted marks.If you are worried about any scars or discolouration definitely give this a try. I would say to try the sample kit first so you can find the perfect colour for you. I definitely want the fill size.

If you try the sample kit and it does work for you they do larger size creams in the colours you need and finishing powders
The sample kits are currently £2.99 (Usually £4.99) and larger creams are priced at £14.99. The larger finishing powders are £15.99 and all products can be purchased from Keromask.

Laura xxx

10 October 2011

Fab Find...

I got this bag a few weeks ago from H&M and i love it! It was an impluse buy as walked in the shop to pick up some new leggings and vests i saw this sitting there for £5 i had to have it. I love the colour and the size.

Its a great little bag to carry around over the shoulder when i dont want to use my big bags and only have my purse and phone with me.

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