30 January 2012

Glossybox- Whats in my January box??...

My Glossybox turned up this morning luckly the post was earlier than normal so i didnt miss it as it normally come as im on my way to take jake to school.It seems so long ago the last one came. I had no idea at all what was inside all i had seen is the colour of the box (which i love). The packageing is my favourite so far i love the bright pink and grey together. 
So inside my box was....
Eyeko - skinny eyeliner.-Its ok i tested it on my water line as thats where i would use it most and it didnt really show up to well.it was about two hours ago i tested it and its now gone, i just added some more so will see if it lasts any longer.
Daviene- moisturizing Balm- Theres two products from this range both multi purpose. This can be used on face, hair and body. Im not too keen on the smell of this as its quite a  herbel smell but im looking forward to giving it a try on my hair.
Daviene-Authentic nectar- This cleansing nectar can be used as a shampoo or as a bodywash.
FAB-Getle bodywash.- A moisturizing, irritant free everyday cleanser for even the most sensitive skin. i have quite sensitive skin so im looking forward to using this.
Murad- Primer.- oil free primer with radiant glow. This is the first tinited primer ive tryed  it looks like a tinted moisturizer.It doesnt leave the skin with the smoothness other primers do but im guessing that because its oil free. looking forward to giving this one a try too.

The are other boxes with different products inside i have seen clearins and orly nail polishes which i would have loved! what did you this of this months boxes?

Laura xoxo

20 January 2012


 Few extra pictures that didn't fit on my 'This week post'.
Laura xoxo

Keromask Translucent powder...

I have spoke about Keromask a few times before (here) and how great the coverage is but i never posted on there powders and what i think of them. The powder i have is the translucent shade - there are four different shades to choose from.First off when i opened this powder up i loved the packaging but even more i love how it works the powder is in pressed form to start with but when you want to use the product you simply twist the disk to grind the amount of powder you want to use which is great so you can just grind as much as you need.Plus if you drop the pot  you will not lose all the powder (which i have done before with loose powders)... its also kinda of fun to do too ;). It sets the camouflage cream perfectly and helps keep it in place all day.It also prepares the skin for additional 'dry' products to be applied like eye shadows, blushers, bronzers etc.Once the base is set the other products glide on the skin easily!
The powder is best applied in a light circular movement over the Camouflage cream to let it set properly and making it water proof :)

Price- £15.99 for 20g, you can find it on the keromask website here.

Laura xoxo

17 January 2012

Trilogy- Ultra hydrating face cream....

About Trilogy Ultra hydrating face cream-
Air-conditioning, long-haul flights, cold winter weather, what ever the cause of your dryness, this intensively nourishing cream re-hydrates and rejuvenates your skin.This creamy, antioxidant-rich moisturiser is ideal for the daily care of dry, weakened skin.This super-concentrated and luxuriously rich formula  combines Trilogy’s favourite moisture boosting duo; Evening Primrose oil and certified organic Rosehip oil (both rich in omega 3, 6 and 9) with vitamin and mineral-rich Honey,repairing Coconut oil and skin strengthening Avocado oil.  These ingredients work in harmony to replenish moisture levels while restoring elasticity and softness to the skin.

My Thoughts-
 My skin is very dry if i don't use a good moisturiser. The first thing i have to do when i get out of the shower is moisturise my face, it feels very tight and uncomfortable if i don't. So having a good moisturiser is a must for me. The Trilogy face cream is great for rejuvenating my skin back to feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. I have also seen that people use this as a face mask as its so nourishing by applying a thicker layer to the face and neck and leaving on for 20 minutes.It is great to use morning or night.The cream is quite thick so a little goes a long way which is great.
The one things about this that gets me is the smell.... now i know alot of people love the small of lavender and i haven't seen one review on this where the person hasn't liked the scent but lavender isn't a smell i like- at all. The weird thing about this though is that if you open the lid and smell the cream it smells more of the honey and is quite sweet smelling then once rubbed into my skin the lavender smell gets very Strong (which i don't like) but after a few minutes after the cream has sunk into the skin the sweet smell comes back and the lavender small fades back to not been so Strong and overpowering. Although you can still smell the lavender there the sweet smell of the honey definitely makes the smell alot nicer- for me anyway.If you like the lavender smell,this face cream is 100% worth trying out.

Price and where to buy-
The 75ml tube is £24.50 from Boots. I'm sure you will be able to find it online too. 

The line is paraben, mineral oil and SLS free and is free from animal derived products, with the exception of honey and beeswax .

Laura xoxo

16 January 2012


I ordered this last week when getting my new face & body foundation and it was a bit of a spontaneous buy as i wasn't planning on getting it and just wanted to add a little extra item on to my order so i got free delivery...anyone else do that? Id of had to pay £3-4 on delivery so i might as well get something else and get that £3-4 off a product as i be paying it anyway...if you get what i mean :/ .
Anyway i seem to have a thing for trying different cleansers at the minute i have so many on the go but there all really good. I think this maybe a new favourite thought, i tryed it out the night it arrived and it got my makeup of so fast!! Including my mascara, i have other cleansers that get my mascara off well but non as well as this.It comes off so fast and there is nothing left behind.I normally find myself having to go back over my eyes to get the last little bits off but this is so amazing. I really love it and definitly think you need to try it.I have been using a few pumps and gently masargeing it over my eyes to loosen my mascara, i get another pump and go around my face then using a warm damp cloth wipe over my face and....all make up gone. It doesnt leave my face with the tight dry feeling too which is amazing as i awlays get it after washing my face.
If your looking for a new cleanser definitely give this a try i know il be repurchancing. The one i have is the 30ml which was £7 but im going to go and get the bigger one which i think its around £12.

Laura xoxo

14 January 2012

This week...

*This week has been a big, busy week for us. Jake started school on Monday so we have had to totally change our routine and make a new one. So far Jake is loving going to school and playing with all the different toys everyday his favourites being painting and playing in the sand. Cambell is missing missing him but he loved been able to go for lots of walks to take him and pick him up again.I also worked out that they will be in the same class for a while next year as Jake doesn't move up to the next class until next September and Cambell starts nursery next January :).
*I tryed to get all my nail polishes out on to one shelf so i could see them all but no matter how much i tryed they wouldn't all fit :( so half are having to stay in a box until i finally get a wall rack.I used my glossy boxes to make different stands/levels for the polishes to stand on so i could fit more out.
*With Jake starting school i had to go through his keepsake box to get his birth certificate and there was all his baby things inside...crazy how fast hes grown up :(.
*He also brought home his first painting from school which i love and cant wait for lots more :).
*The pink nail polish is Orly fancy fuchia :). Post on it here and here.

Laura xoxo


I was recently sent some pieces from a brand called Japonesque im sure many of you will be familiar with the brand especially if you watch alot of You tube videos. While i was excited to receive the package i wasn't sure what was going to be inside. So was very excited to open the package as soon as it arrived :)......

Artisan Slant Tip Tweezer in Pink- They have some really fun patterned ones that look great.I have tryed these out and so far i like them, although i do want to give them another test before i say what i think so this bit will be updated shortly.-£13.40
Brow Groomer- This is great.It can be used at a trimmer and  the comb can also be taken off for a more precise cut. I love that the comb is just the right thickness so when trimming you take of the perfect amount and are not left with brows that are too short.- would definitely recommend this.-£10.75
Professional Brush For All-Over Bronzing-This is probably my favourite out of the bunch along with the brow groomer.Its really soft and blends bronzer out perfectly. Ive been using this to apply my Illamasqua Bronzing duo and I'm in love. amazing brush!-£19.50
Retractable Lip Brush- This brush feels great quality and if you like to use a brush to apply your lipsticks this is definitely worth trying. Very soft bristles but dense too. I personally don't really used a brush to apply my lip products so this one isn't one i would go for myself but it would be great to go i your kit if your a makeup artist.-£9.50
Travel Brow/Lash Com- This brush crafted to create the perfect finish, the tight bristles of the Brow/Lash Comb help groom and shape brows.I love this for brushing through my brows before and after i fill them in.The bristles are again dense and comb through great and the lash comb is great at separate lashes.-£9.75

I'm definitely wanting to try out more brushes from this range the Professional Angled Foundation Brush, Blush Brush,travel point brush and the Professional Lash Curlerare top of my list. they also have a really fun Baby range with Monkey hair scissors and Penguin nail clippers that are so cute and worth having a look at if you have children.
The Japonesque short handled brushes are now available in Boots and the Long-handled brushes and other tools are now being sold at John Lewis.

Laura xoxo

11 January 2012

mini haul...

Few bits i picked up from town most are things repurchases - how come everything runs out at once?...
I got a new bottle of st moriz lotion which i just all the time and i also got the spray to try, not sure if im going to like it though. Have you tryed the spray-what do you think?. I got a new tanning mitt too, think im going to do a full review of this as its a bit different to ones ive had before and a bargain! Then from boots two bottles of the bblonde cream as i already had the powder and my roots were getting so bad. My  collection 2000 concealer was running low so i got a new one while i was there and finally from town some hair grips..always losing these, they just seem to disappear.- oh and the No7 mirror i got with one of the £5 off vouchers i couldn't find anything else i was bothered about at all so instead of not using it i got this as ive wanted one for a while :).
From Mac i needed a new bottle of my favourite foundation ever- face and body.Finally i got a bottle of the oil cleanser which ive never tryed before so will probably do a review on that when ive given it ago.

9 January 2012

Big day....

Today has been a big day for us...Jake had his first day at school! Although it was his first day i got to stay with him as you usually get to do so im guessing Wednesday is going to be harder as i have to leave him on his own for an hour, and even hard on Friday when he has to stay the full afternoon. he loved it though so i suppose that will make it a bit easier i just hope he makes lots of friends and the other kids are nice. I nearly didn't get him home he wanted to stay so bad haha he loved the sand pit and he painted a picture ( which i home i can get tomorrow because i forgot it :( ).

Laura xoxo

5 January 2012

Need inspiration? Pinspire it....

My hair collection :)
Main page..
Do you sometimes lack inspiration?
I know i go through phases especially when it comes to my blog.Sometimes i have so many ideas and things i want to post about then ill have a block and i just have nothing that is inspiring me. This is why im excited about Pinspire. Pinspire is a site i have found recently and i am so excited to share it with you all (so we can 'pin' each others photos ;) ). Its basically a website with lots of inspirational pictures, you see a picture you like you can 'pin' it into an album and share it with everyone. It can be anything a beauty product, a hair style you love, nail polish, food .... the list could go on forever. You can either 'pin' other peoples pictures you like.For example, maybe ones that will give you inspiration for a post. Ive started a 'wedding' collection so i can 'pin' pictures into the collection that will give me ideas for my wedding. As well as pinning other peoples pictures you can upload your own or if you see something on a website you can add that to your collection.You can add and name collections anything you want which is the fun thing so you can do your profile to whatever interests you :). 
Whenever you pin/upload new pictures they get added straight to the main page away so everyone can see and re-pin :)...how pretty are these pictures that have just been added (second picture).Ive been addicted since signing up and have been looking at all the pictures (that all seem to be perfect)and have started adding my own. I now need to start following more people so if you sign up then leave me a comment with your link so i can find you :).

If you want to sign up it like is here (or google it which ever you prefer).
I think you should be able to find me if you search http://www.pinspire.co.uk/Laurasblog ..i hope if not remember to leave me you link so i can follow you.

Will you be joining up? 
Laura xoxo

4 January 2012

Manuka Doctor- rejuvenating face mask Bee Venom...

As i said in my previous post i will be posting about some of the skin care products i have been using recently my first in my new skincare routine post was the Cor silver soap. Today's post is going to be about the Manuka Doctor rejuvenating face mask Bee Venom. 

The mask comes in glass jar and has 50ml of product,with over 10,000 bee stings per pot, the Purified Bee Venom is renowned for its anti-bacterial and anti-wrinkle properties, acting as a one-two punch to post-party complexions. It promises to refresh and rejuvenate, boosting collagen production and thus the emergence of new, fresh skin cells.

When i first looked up the mask i was very intrigued by what i heard about it and couldn't wait to try it out myself.From seeing other blog posts rave about it and seeing Bee venom is said to be the preferred beauty secret of Victoria Beckham, Kylie and Dannii Minogue, Michelle Pfeiffer and even the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton herself, read for yourself here.

On first impressions the mask looks more like a face cream than a mask. I applied it to my evenly to my face and neck and left it on for around 30 minutes.I(You are advised to leave it on for between 15 and 30 minutes then rub off gently in upwards movements). The mask has a slight tightening effect but not in a dramatic way.It also has a slight tingling feeling, it doesn't feel like a swarm of bees have landed on your face so don't worry ;).While on my face I can the mask hydrating and nourishing my skin.It feels luxurious and smells amazing.After been sat on the face for a while its starts to dry like usual mask but as it does it also goes clear.I can definitely tell a difference in how hydrated my face is after washing it off. 

The Manuka Doctor Products are only avalible from is Holland and Barrett both online and in stores.The Bee Venom Rejuvenating Face Mask is £49.99 for 50ml.

My skin type...Dry, sensitive.

I would love to now if theres any other products you have tryed and would recommend from this range?
Laura xoxo

3 January 2012

This week...

Here's a few pictures from our last week of 2011. I love been able to look back on these post to see the things we did and how the boys are growing up. We went out for a meal with Jason Family on the 27th. Then spent alot of time at my mum and dads house (bottom middle pic) Cambell sat eating his shortcake shots at my mummy's :). Then on New years day we went to Jason's Nana's for dinner with his mum then came home all sat together and watch charlie and the chocolate factory.Today i have been getting some last bits for Jason's birthday tomorrow. Every time a birthday is mentioned the first thing that the boys say is 'bithday cake', So me and Jake went out to get one....first thing Jake says when we get back? 'Dad we got you a surprise birthday cake for tomorrow' -_- . <3.

Laura xoxo

2 January 2012

Cor, The silver soap!

Ive Been changing up my skin care routine over the last month or two so i thought id do a few posts about the different things i have been using and how ive been getting on with them. First up is going to be Cor!Which is a favourite of Sarah Jessica Parker!! Now this soap is quite pricey and for the full size of 120g your looking at £100!. The 30g is £35 and the 10g is £15. I would definitely say start with the £15 its alot of money to pay for a soap so you don't want to be splashing out over £70. 

So why is it so expensive?....This soap is a multi-tasking bar which uses the latest in nano-silver technology combined with marine collagen amongst other natural ingredients to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, reduce wrinkles, soothe eczema and is amazing for acne sufferers too! Amazing, right?!?!..Silver has also been known as one of the best natural anti-bacterial agents.

What i think?.... My first impression when i opened the soap was of how amazing it smelt! I love the scent... which is slightly strange as on the front of the box i noticed it says fragrance free..? but it definitely does have a scent to it and it is lovely! While using the soap lathers up really well and feels very creamy. It leaves my skin feeling very clean,soft and It takes all my make up off really well.It also comes with its own little box to go in between uses which makes it feel a little more of a special soap too, the box will stop it melting while its sat in the bathroom from the humidity, which could be really annoying when you spent so much on a soap!

 If you want to look up the Cor soaps you can find there website here.

Have you tryed this silver soap?  

Laura xoxo

1 January 2012

Best of 2011!!!

1. YSL Mascara. 2. Blink & Go mascara. 3.Mac soft and gentle msf. 4. Sleek rose gold blush.5. Mac Face and body foundation. 6. Anastasia brow kit. 7.Naked Palette. 8. Cornsilk powder.

1. Alterna repair spray. 2. Lee stafford blonde shampoo. 3. Lee stafford hot shots 4. Leonor Greyl. 5. Macadamia oil .& mask. 6. bblonde.Lee stafford dehumidifer. 3 day straight. Bodyshop rainforest radiance.
1. Collection2000 lasting perfection. 2. Boi oil. 3. Klorane dry shampoo. 4. Nail rocks . 5. Bad Gal Lash. 6. Mac Black Track Fluid line. 7. Lee Stafford Arganoil. 8. Bodyshop Vanilla spray.

Here are some products that have been my main favourites in 2011, products that i would keep repurchasing over and over. I love these posts to be able to look back on and see what i have loved and if ive forgoten about things i have loved i can go back and get them again.I have tryed linking posts about the products if i have done reviews etc although some i either couldnt find or i never got round to reviewing like the bio oil that was amazing and worked so so well for me but it seemed to have fallen to the back of the 'to review' posts :( .

Laura xoxo

Laura xoxo
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