30 September 2012

It's my birthdayyy...

Yayyy today is my birthday!! :) 

I woke up this morning to my boys running in with cards shouting Happy birthday :)
Jake woke up yesterday morning thinking it was then shouting 'mummy mummy is today your birthday sun'
Jason had to work last night and is at work tonight so im not really doing anything today, maybe call and see my mum.Were going to do something when hes on his days off this week :).
I really want to go shopping and get some new clothes....and maybe some new ugg boots ;).

28 September 2012

Republic Wishlist..

  Vero Moda Lovely Luckies Jeggings £16 | Miso Jeggings £25 | Miso Shrug Cardigan £25 | Miso Roll Edge Jumper £20 |  Glamorous Studded Denim Shirt £36.00| AX Paris Foil CrossJumper £24 | Soul Cal Deluxe Boxy FlagJumper£26.00 | Miso Snood Scarf £14.00 |Aztec Chunky Scarf £18.00 | Soul Cal Deluxe Fur Buckle Boots £35.00| Soul Cal Deluxe Western Buckle Boots £25.00 | Miso Stud Bowl Bag £30.00 

I love doing wishlist posts and don't do many of them but as its my birthday in two days i thought id put a Republic wishlist. I love republic, their clothes are always great quality and last for ages its a shop me and Jason always go to when we go shopping, He got some really nice jeans and t-shirts from there last month. Im currently really i need of some comfy winter clothes as none of my current clothes fit me anymore.... the bump is growing very fast these days! I seem to live in leggings now and have been wanting some burgundy ones as well as some jeggings as im missing jeans! Another thing i seem to be living in is shirts as i don't have to fasten them ;) just wear a white vest under them!

27 September 2012

This week..

Weeks seem to be flying by recently! 
 We went over to my sisters at the weekend while Jason was playing rugby which the boys really loved because all their cousins were that. My two older sisters both have a girl and a boy so they love getting to see them.Auntie Jessie came too of course ;). 
Cambell started going to his little pre nursery playgroup on Wednesday too it basically just to get them ready for starting in January. All the children that went will be in his new class when he starts so that's really nice that he will get to know them all first.Its once a week for 10 weeks until Christmas then they get a Christmas party at the end :) He wants to stay everyday we take Jake to school so its really nice that he gets to go and play!
I got a count down app this week so i can see how long it is until the little lady comes but i want one i can set as my back ground so if anyone know one please let me know!Also totally loving Christmas scents this week both me and Jason are loving spiced apple and cinnamon so we went a bit crazy and bought loads of smellys lol.

Special Edition September GlossyBox ....

First of all- How nice is this months box design?!?
By far the best box design of any beauty boxes so far i think, i love the colours.
This box is a Special edition put together by illustrator Maggie Li. Maggie is a London based freelance illustrator and graduate of Kingston university.

The sample that instantly caught my eye in this box.. apart from the box itself was the Lady GAGA fragrance. Normally i don't like seeing little fragrance samples but ive seen alot of people tweeting about this and really wanted to know what it was like. Im now planning on buying the full size as i really like it!
There isnt anything in this months box im not looking forward to trying out so i think Maggie as done a fab job at picking out products.Ive been wanting to start using an eye cream for a while so the Balance me wonder eye cream as come at the perfect time and as always my favorite thing to see in any beauty box is  hair product this month is a leave in treatment from Biosilk, a company ive never tryed before so im  excited to try this.The Body shop moisturiser my mum had used for years so i know is great.Finally the Rodial samples, i never get round to using little sachet samples ive got so many pileing up but im really interested in trying these so i think tonight i will test them out, you get two samples of each is great as i don't think you really get to know if you like a product from one sachet. 

Inside this months box...

Lady GAGA | Fame Fragrance
An opulent, crushes floral fragrance thats black like the soul of fame but transparent once airborne.

Radial | Glamoxy Snake Serum & 5 Minute Facial
Glamoxy snake serum is a revolutionary product with instantly visible results, helping to reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles.5 minute facial is a triple action resurfacing gommage clay mask.
Snake Serum-£29 10x1ml
5 minute Facial £10.95 10x1ml

Balance Me | Wonder Eye Cream
A triple action cream designed to soothe away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
£20-15 ml

Body Shop | Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Best selling daily moisturiser hydrates skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.
£9 - 50ml 

Biosilk | Silk Therapy
A lightweight leave-in treatment that helps moisturize and restructure your hair without heaviness.
£15.80 - 50ml

25 September 2012

Personal Planner...

Personal Planner | £25-£33

I am totally in love with my new personal planner, ive been using it for a few week and it has been helping me keep so much more organised with what i want to post about and making sure things get done.
It actually came as one of the goodies in the #Leedsbloggermeetup bag, well a voucher did and then we got to go online and create our own design which is great as everyone's is totally different and unique.It kind of reminds me of been back at school when i had my school planner haha. 

The voucher that was in the meetup bag was for a personalized planner or note book, i went with the planner as i thought it would help keep me more organised.Then you get to choose the size planner you would like.. i went for the A5 which i think is the biggest. For the front cover you can design your own by uploading a picture or choose from one of the pre made designs, you also get to choose the colour of the band that holds the planner closed.Inside There is a pouch, i keep all my little notes/press releases i want to blog about inside so i can keep them all together.( i love this ).On the intro page you can write a little note and add your email, blog URL. 
Then for the weekly planner itself you get to choose exactly how you want it to be set out in a way that will work best for you.There is so many little details to choose from and the site is so easy to use.I went for a pink theme inside mine with a pink ruler.
At the back of the planner you can choose what you want the pages filled with, i went with an overview calender, a 10 page colouring book pages of lined paper so i have somewhere to write notes.You also get to choose when you want your planner to start. As i was designing mine in August and knew it took two weeks to arrive i wanted mine to start in September so i could use it straight away.

When i originally saw the price of the planner i thought they were quite expensive but after getting mine i am so in love with it and im going to get so much use out of it i think it is totally worth it and will definitely re purchase a new one next year.

My personal planner cost £33 and is A5 size from Here.

24 September 2012

27 Week Pregnancy Update | Bump ...

How far?
27 weeks!!  :)

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleep has been perfect again this week :) enjoying getting a full nights sleep while i can!!

Movement is amazing, can feel everything now, can tell how shes laying and if i put my hand on i can feel her moving her little arms and legs!

Nope no cravings this week.

Just back ache and heart burn i think.
I think ive been getting braxton hicks this week too.

Looking forward too?
Midwife next week.
Its Jake's birthday on Wednesday and mine on Sunday so this should be a great week :) 

I put the cot up on Friday night while Jason was on nights because i couldn't wait till his days off haha. I want the room finished :) need to get some bedding and curtains then it will be near enough done :D.Set the car seat up too, we had a sliver cross one that we used for the boys so just going to use that one but im planning on getting an isofix for it this time so its easier to put in and out of the car quicker for when im taking the boys into school. I can leave the hood and footmoof attached on then because we the boys we just used the seat belt to fit it in the car and its so annoying and takes ages, the hood and footmoof have to be taken off too so the belt can go over.
 Oh the moses basket came this week too :). Its just plain white with the waffle effect, i was going to get a pink one but i loved this and the stand is really good to.With the boys the stand rocked the other way and after a few weeks when they got a bit bigger( and had a heavier head) it basket would tilt so i always had to have somthing under the top propping it up.I had am email monday saying it was back in stock on the 7th Oct but then on Tuesday morning i woke up to an email saying it was back so ordered straight away and it was free next day delivery :).
I am loving been pregnant so much, im excited for her to be here but i don't want it to end either haha . Its going so quick!

Also still struggleing with names, the main one i like so far is Emmy but im still not sure.I like Cassie, Chloe and paige too.
Pleaseeee leave me some ideas.

22 September 2012

New Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints...

Gelly Nail Paint | £3.99

Barry M launched the collection of Hi-Shine Nail Paints exclusively on the Barry M website on the 21st of September before being launched in Superdrug on the 26th, then in Boots on the 3rd of October.Although while out shopping today i wanted some new Barry m polishes and while the lady was searching in the draw for me 'Red Black' she showed us the new Gelly collection and i ended up picking up three. So we got them a little early from instore. I went for all the darker shade with us going in to Winter but now ive tryed them out i love the formula and finish so im going back to get a few more.

When i first heard about the Gel polishes i wasn't sure id like the formula and also that they would take a while to dry...i was wrong, these actually dry really fast and have a great glossy finish. I'm not sure on how long they last without chipping yet but ill update on that once ive worn them a while :). I think they will last up pretty well with how they go on they seem like they will be long lasting.

The shades i went for were Blue Plum (Blue), Blackberry (Purple)  and Watermelon (Teal). I'm now wanting Blueberry and Prickly Pear which are a lighter creamy blue and purple. 


19 September 2012

Strech Marks | Bio oil...

                                                                                                                                Bio oil |60ml £8.99
125ml £14.99
200ml £19.99

About Bio Oil
Bio‑Oil is a specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It is also effective for aging and dehydrated skin. The Bio‑Oil formulation is a combination of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. It contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, which changes the formulation’s overall consistency, making it light and non-greasy. This ensures that the goodness contained in the vitamins and plant extracts is easily absorbed.

This is a post i have been meaning to do for so long, Ive gone through so many bottles of Bio oil through out this pregnancy i think it deserves a post haha.I usually pick it up from Bodycare as i find its a bit cheaper but you can find it everywhere!
 Bio oil has to be the one product out there that i 100% trust will do something for my stretch marks... which is why i keep repurchasing it. I first ever used bio oil when i found out i was pregnant with Jake so nearly 5 years ago but to be honest i hardly used it i just though 'ahhh i wont get any', you know the whole 'it wont happen to me' thing and it didnt until about a week before i had him when i got maybe three but then when i was pregnant a second time i ended up with quite a few. Probably because i didn't use anything at all.. i still had half a bottle of bio oil sat in the bathroom that i now wish i would of carried on using.Also you always get told it runs in the family f your mum didnt you probably wont.... My mum had four babies and doesn't have one stretch mark neither did my nana or my sister...only me and my oldest sister were lucky enought to get them haha.
It might have been around a year/year and half ago i decided i wanted to try and see if i could get them to fade mre than they had so started using bio oil again and i noticed such a difference with it! They really started to fade fast which i was so shocked by, and happy. Ive never really been bothered by them, which is probably why it took so long for me to start using something on them as no one ever sees my belly but obviously it would be nicer not to have them there.
When i found out earlier this year that i was expecting again i knew this time i would keep using it through my pregnancy... its much easier to remember to apply things all the time when you have a beauty blog haha i think before i just didn't keep using it day and night because i would forget.This time round i seem to go through the bottles so fast because im just always applying it and i definitely feel that its helping keep any new marks coming and stopping the old ones getting worse. I will 100% carry on using once baby is here!
I apply more on a night because although its not greasy you can feel it under clothes so i dont like to put it on them put a clean top i want to wear all day over it.

I follow Bio oil on facebook and they have recently done a little leaflet of ' mum-to-be pregnancy advice' 
which is basically little comments tips and percentages from mums in the UK which ive been having a read through and alot of them im reading thinking 'yep i do that'. If your pregnant its definitely worth a read to see if you can find any new tip and trick or have a giggle at the ones you do. 

Some of the things mums said which i can relate to/like were...
Maternity fashion...
'54% of mums said leggings were a lifesaver' 

'Wear what you feel comfortable in.If you feel comfortable, you'll feel confident'

'Use a head band on jeans to make them last longer before maternity wear'

'I wore boob tubes over my bump as a belly band' - i did this as i have no idea wear ive put my bands lol 

Be prepared for...
'I didn't realise id get a blocked nose all the time'

Things people never tell you...
'Dont go on google, it will scare you to death'

'Take more photos of the bump'

Things you wish they hadn't...
'My birth was really painful.Heres what happened....'

18 September 2012

Changing nails....

Ive been wearing the same polish for months now ( Models Own Pink Punch ) and finally decided that its time for a change. Everyone seems to be going crazy for all things wintery ... myself included even though it does seem really early, i think its just that its nice to have a change.Its nice to be able to dig out your favourites wintery clothes and change the brights for darks. Im sure by the end of winter we will be begging for summer back as were getting in to winter things so early haha.

I currently sat writing this in the dark with my spiced apple and cinnamon candle burning at the side of me feeling very cosy and christmassy... and its not even the end of September!

Anyway..on to my changing nails ;) ... ive finally swapped out my bright pink punch for a gorgeous Burgundy shade which im really loving everything burgundy at the minute, i can definitely see my wardrobe filling up with this colour throughout the next few months!  It not a colour ive ever really gone for before but i love it!

Im not sure on the name of the China Glaze shade as it doesn't say on the bottom, it came in a Glossybox last year.Ive been adding little gold crosses to my thumb and ring finger Using the OPI gold crackle polish (also from a beauty box ).
Love these colours together!!

17 September 2012

26 Week Pregnancy Update | Bump ...

How far?
26 weeks  :)

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleep has been fine again this week.These last two week have been the easiest to get comfy which is weird as im so huge now i thought it would just get worse.

Lots :) She seems to go crazy for a few minutes at a time. I love being able to feel her rolling about and feeling her feet and elbows moving. Feeling her move is so amazing.

Nope no cravings this week.

Not much really a bit of back ache but nothing too bad and heart burn every so often.
Oh Twice this week i had a sharp pain in my right side near my hip didn't last long, i think she must of kicked a nerve or something as it seemed to go and i was fine after but its the first time its happened this pregnancy.
I think i had some Braxton hicks this morning my belly kept getting really hard and tight so im almost sure that's what it was. Thinking about it after its happened a few times before but ive not realised what it was... i only did this times because it happened a few times together.It wasn't painful at all just felt tight.

Looking forward too?
Getting more of her room finished :) Ive been doing little bits this week and its starting to come together :)

This week has flown by i cant believe its Monday again already!! 
This week as definitely been an easy week .
 I got her a few cute outfits and some tights, socks,hats, bits... :) I was also planning on ordering the Moses basket this week too but it was out of stock so hopefully that will come back in soon so i can get it!( Just found out it comes back in stock on the 7th October YAY. Also found the pushchair i would love to get, its the same one i had for the boys but i had the double for them, it was so easy to push and get around it has a break too which i loved and would be perfect for helping me get up the hill when taking the boys to school.
I've painted her shelf's pink which makes the room look so much more girlie and got some little hearts to hang on the wall.I think im going to get the cot put up this week and have a look for some bedding :)
Not long until i see the midwife again now i think its about two week away.

12 September 2012

My Face Routine....

Amie Exfoliating wash | £4.95
Amie moisturiser | £5.95
Washi | £5.95

I change up my face routine quite often i love trying out different cleaners and moisturisers and finding the best ones for my skin. For the last year or so ive been loving oil cleaners as they get all make up off really fast, and for moisturiser ive been loving one from a recent Glossybox. Since running out of those i recently got two products from Amie to try out, which is why i thought id do an updated post :).

If you haven't heard of Amie skincare before its a line that was created by a mother for her daughter.Fiona wanted to create products gentle enough for her daughters young skin but could also deal with changes throughout puberty.
Every Amie product is bursting with an average 95% natural fruit and botanical ingredients, each one hand-picked to work in complete harmony with your skin and to bring out its natural radiance, so cleansers deep-clean without stripping and moisturisers hydrate without clogging pores with oil. Natural anti-bacterials help keep skin clear and free from blemishes. The result is beautifully clean, soft, smooth and confident skin.....There are no parbens,no mineral oils, no petrochemicals, no sodium laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate.No ingredients of genetically modified origin.
 NO animal testing and NO animal ingredients.
All the Amie products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans .

I love knowing the background to product lines it helps you understand the products so much more. After reading up about the line and also seeing that it is very affordable and sold at local shops such as Tesco and Superdrug i couldn't wait to try it out.The two i have to start with are the Skin Shield Daily Moisturiser and Radiant Dawn Exfoliating Daily Wash although after trying these i have decided i need to pick up the Cooling Clay mask next time im in town!I have mentioned before that i have sensitive skin and i haven't had any problems at all with these products.

Amie Radiant Dawn| Exfoliating Daily Wash |
I am so in love with this wash, it makes such a difference to my skin even from the first time i used it.Its the first thing i use when i wake up.The small exfoliating beads really freshen up my skin. It leaves me with the perfect base to apply my make up which goes on so much nicer when all the exfoliating beads have taken away the dry skin.It also lathers up really well which i love, really makes my skin feel perfectly clean. It is such a good luxurious product i would expect it to have a much higher price tag.
Includes Green Apple ,Lemon Extract,Blueberry Seed, Vitamin E bursting beads

Amie Skin Shield | Daily Moisturiser | SPF15
I found with this moisturiser that a little goes a long way as it is quite a thick but lightweight moisturiser, so will last a long time :). It smells so nice and fresh, leaving my skin feeling really moisturized and hydrated. Its also great for protecting your skin from the weather (UVA & UVB ) as it has Spf15.
Includes Harmonising natural extracts,Sunflower Extract, Kakadu Plum UVA, & UVB protection.

Washi| Hot cloth
The washi i got in recently in the LeedsBloggerMeetup goody bag. They came in a little set of four hot cloths, one Skin polishing towel and a pack of washi spirals.If anyone is interested in hearing more about them i will do a post on them showing the whole set :).

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