28 February 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-shine & Textured nail paint Haul..

Greenberry | Blueberry |  Papaya | Prickle pear | Lychee | Ridley Road 

I picked up three of the darker shades of the gelly nail paints a few months ago but even though it was winter and i usually wear more darker shades i was just about to have my little girl and got really into pinks so i haven't had much use out of them.With me been more into brighter colours and it coming into nicer weather i wanted to get some of the brighter shades. When i first saw the textured paints i didn't think id like them but i fell in love with the mint shade (its one of my favourite spring/summer colours) and as i looked up a few reviews they said the textured feeling wasn't as annoying as you world think so i decided to give one a try.  I will do some separate post on the shades when i wear them to show the colour better. So far ive tryed Papaya and im now wearing Blueberry which i love.

Fishtail braid love...

Ive started wearing my hair in a fishtail braid again recently and im loving it. Having my hair like this reminds me of summer time so this is how ive been doing my hair on the more sunny days we've had over the last few weeks. I aslo added a few highlights to my hair last week, with a bit of help from my sister Jessica. I felt like i should add a bit of blonde to the top of my hair as ive had it 'ombre'ed' for a while and stopped colouring it so the top half of my hair is quite healthy were it had grown out but i couldn't stand not being more blonde.... especially for summer. Definitely think i will be adding more soon :)

If you followed my sisters blog she has recently set up a new one as she couldn't log in to her original one and is having to start again... which mean 0 followers and she has no way of letting her old reader know her new link as she cant post on there so if you are a reader of her old blog or if you want to check it out her new link is ... PeachyNotes . 

23 February 2013

Perfect ...

How cute is this picture?? I need to get it made into a canvas :)
I'm feeling so ill today so im posting from bed :(. Emme is napping, Jason's working and they boys are with my mum and dad so im trying to make myself feel abit better for when they get home soon. Definitely going to have to me a movie day till Jason gets home. Lots of post i want to start writing up too so hopefully il be feeling abit better by tonight to get it done :).
Im wanting to get Emme a play mat this week so if anyone has any suggestions of good ones that would be great :) i want one that is going to entertain her and she can play with the toys ..... maybe some music on it too :) or any good baby toys?

21 February 2013

Utterly Personal...

Utterly Personal |  £16.99

How cute is this  Tatty Teddy from  Utterly personal?  
Both me and my mum love things like this that you can keep forever. I have a special teddy that i had since i was born and my mum still has her doll from when she was little... although it is missing an eye  :P .My dad always gives each baby a coin when they are born for luck... Emme was extra lucky because she got two as he couldn't decide which to give her haha. Before Emme was born my mum decided she wanted to get her something that she could keep from them and so we searched the Internet for ideas for what would be best , first we was just going to get a normal teddy then we thought a personalised one would be even better so he tryed finding the perfect one. Only problem with it been personalised we had to wait till she was born to get it as we hadn't picked a name and we obviously didn't know the exact date she would be born...she was due December 24th 2012 but did arrive until 6 Jan 2013!...good job we waited! 
We picked this out a few weeks before she was born after getting an email from them a few days after we had started looking for one we wanted...perfect timing ey?! I chose the Pink Taddy Teddy because you could fit a good side personalised message on the front alot of the other teddys from different site you could only get there name or maybe two lines but with the tatty teddy (which come in blue writing too ;) ) you can have four line with up to 16 letters on each line.So my mum got to pick what she wanted writing on the front.
I love that Emme with get to keep this forever.

19 February 2013

February GlossyBox...

Its February which can only mean one thing... Valentines themed Glossybox!
This months box seem to have more makeup-y things alot of the time with beauty boxes it seems to be all skincare. Although i do love trying new skin care...especially moisturisers. The Docteur Renaud Raspberry cream in this months box is amazing. Im so in love with this, it smells so good!! It is definitely my favourite product from this months box. Followed by the Micabella blush which is such a pretty colour. I don't usually end up using loose pigment products i really like this. This would be perfect it it was in pressed form.This month also included a Helen E lipstick... I absolutely love the Helen E concealer so im looking forward to trying another product from them. My sister used to get me a new one every year when she went to some kind of beauty show. Then the last two products... the perfume sample which is a lovely perfume but i did see other boxes got a full size... or a decent size anatomical product instead of the perfume sample which i think would of been better. Finally the Me, me, me highlighter which is a soft pearl pink.I have tried other Me, me, me products before and liked them. I loved there cream i think it might have come in a previous box and totally used that up and would re purchase. There highlighter is like a cheaper version of Benefits high beam.Its a pretty good dupe they look the same, im trying it out today to see if it lasts.... dont be fooled into thinking it its a nail polish from the packaging ;).

Docteur Renaud | Rasberry Soft Cream
50ml | £25

Micabella Cosmetics | Mineral Blush
9g | £34.95

Helen E | Lipstick
3.5g | £8

Narciso Rodriguez 
30ml | £23

ME ME ME | Beat the blues
12ml | £5.50 

What did you get in your box this month?

18 February 2013

This week...

 This week we spent alot of time with my sister, he boyfriend was on a skiing holiday so she stop over for 3 nights. I put some highlights in my hair again... i was missing the blonde- its makes me happy. Im not sure if im going to leave it how it is now or add a bit more blonde to the top as the bottom if already fully blonde from when i ombred it. Ive been having a huge wardrobe clear out too , im so bad at keeping clothes from years ago that really i know i wont wear again but just can bring my self to get rid of it 'just incase' - the total opposite to my sister Jessica who easily gets rid of things. I did manage to fill about 6 black bags full this time thought which is probably the most ive done at once, i normally do one and stop. Then i have 6 i chucked up into the loft so i have more room in the wardrobe for other things. My plan to day is take the bags to the recycling bin!
Jason is on his 18 off now ... well 19 this time because someone owed him a shift cover and the boys are on holiday from school too so the house is full again :). Hopefully we will get to do lots of fun things this week with the boys. Im hoping the weather will stay nice and we can go to a few places. I Think Emme has her appointment to be weighed this week so im looking forward to seeing how much she has put on.She has definitely grown alot recently! Shes still fitting in her 0-1 month clothes which im surprised about as im sure the boys grew out of them in the first few weeks.
Ohhhh its the Leeds meet up again in a few weeks, who going? Let me know if you are!

8 February 2013

Baby B Browne | Fake tan

Baby B Browne
250ml | £14.95
Before i tryed this tanning lotion id never heard anything about it or what it was like, so i wasn't sure how i would look. I have now fallen in love with this tanning lotion and it is definitely going to be my go to tan. It is cheaper than other tans i have tryed recently and i absolutely love the colour it leaves my skin. I think i could go a far as saying the colour is my favourite from any tanner i have tryed so far. The day after i applied the lotion i looked like i had been on holiday and had a totally natural dark tan.The shade was perfect. The tan is designed to react with your natural pigment to give you a natural colour  so everyone will get a different level of tan when is the perfect shade for you and it is also packed with skin nourishing ingredients including Aloe Vera which gives a flawless colour and a great fade. 

I applied the lotion with a tan mitt it went easily and smells amazing. The tan has a guide line so its easy to see when you have already put the tan so you don't get patches of white where you missed. The guide isn't too dark so you could apply the tan then go out in public and you wouldn't look crazy. It can be washed off after 4-8 hours, i applied it before bed the first time i used it but have also applied it on a morning before leaving the house. I also noticed it doesn't leave you with steaks(once washed off) even if you get it wet before washing it off, i washed up before i got on the shower and the water had splashed up my arms so i was worried i would have dots of white all up my arms but when i washed it off they were streak free... perfect!It fades evenly too i always use the  treacle moon body butter to keep my skin moisturised while i have tan on as it doesn't strip it off like most other moisturisers.

I would definitely recommend giving this a try, the colour it leaves is just the perfect shade!

7 February 2013

Im 1 Month old already!! | Mummy & Baby Update + Must haves.

I cant believe its been a whole month already! 
This month has gone so fast i don't even believe it! Its such a strange feeling, its like Emme has always been with us and the memory of labour seems so far away yet it doesn't seem like she can be a month old already. I know that may sound really weird but im sure if you have a newborn you know what im talking about?! It seems like yesterday i was sat writing my pregnancy post and talking to friends that were also pregnant about how we couldn't wait for our babies to be here and wondering what they would look like etc and now they are here and time is just going so fast. I feel like i just don't want to put her down or stop looking at her for a second because shes going to be talking and running around before i know it. I am loving every little thing about having a tiny baby again... even the getting up in the night to feed her.  Everything seems more relaxed this time round, I don't know if its because im more comfortable because ive done it all before or if its because i don't feel as tired through the day ... everything's easier when your not tired, right?

*She seems to have grown so much already, shes waking up for a little longer through the day although she does sleep most of the time still. 

*If you are in her sight she will follow you if you move around she recognises voices. Mine and Jason's definitely.If Jason's been at work ans she hears him talking she will look around for him.

*The last few days shes looking like shes going to start smiling soon, she will smile and i can tell its not like when she was first born when it was just gas but shes not really doing it responding to us yet so i wouldn't say shes done her first real smile yet but shes definitely getting there.
* Update *
She did her first smile on 5th Feb its was about 8.30 in the morning while i was talking to her.eekkkk :)

*Shes having around 3-4oz every 2-4 hours through the day and every 4-5 hours on a night.

*She is almost grown out of newborn/first size sleepsuits, they fit perfect at the minute but she doesn't have much room in the legs left where as as first size clothes have plenty of room still.

*She is still in size one nappys.

*She loves been in her carrier, i mainly use it to take the boys to school.

*She loves to be bathed and having her hair washes...i think its the warmth of the water.

*She has started hitting her flower on her chair, i want sure if it was just by accident but she does look at it and hit it quite often.

*She loves her fluffy blanket i thunk she quite attached to it already because if shes tired and hasn't got it as soon as i put if near her cheek she will go to sleep and it doesn't work with her other blankets.I think it because its so soft and its what she was wrapped in since she was first born.

For me
* I am feeling great, totally back to normal.I seem to have recovered really fast this time which i think has a lot to do with not having stitches after. With Jake and cambell i was really sore for a few weeks after but this time i was fine afterwards because i didn't tear/cut. At first my stomach just weird when i stood up, probably because so much weight had gone so quickly. Then for a few days after i had cramps but other than that i was fine.

*Im back to my pre pregnancy weight ... i think i was pretty much straight away. I only gained 1 stone while pregnant as as she was 9lb1oz the placenta was around 1lb and there was so much water that must have been a few lb! My stomach isnt flat and im not where i want to be i want to lose and stone or 2  to be happy and comfortable with myself .

*My bleeding has been very little since after the first day or two which i think might have something to do with the needle i had after she was born to slow it down because i was losing alot.But although it has been hardly anything it is still slightly there... it seems to go from hardly anything to nothing then it will coming back a little.

*My hair hasn't started falling out yet... i lost so much after the boys i really though i would end up bald!! but this time ive carried on taking the vitamins i took while pregnant, not everyday but as often as i remember. Which i want to keep doing so i you know of any good post baby vitamins id love to know because i have no idea which ones to take next.

My must haves for the first month

Muslin cloths
I always just used normal bibs with the boys but has seen people talk about these while i was pregnant so i decided to get some and they are so much better than bibs!! I actually havent even wanted to get a bib out because these are so much easier. I also use them to cover her changing mat also when were out and using the travel mat so she doesn't get cold when she layed on it. If you are pregnant definitely stock up on these.
Fluffy Blanket -
Emme loves her fluffy blanket, shes really attached to it already. 
Saline drops/spray - 
These are great to have 'just in case'. Emme has had a stuffy nose the last few days and these help so much. Its safe to use from birth as its only really water and i think salt? and its sterile.
Nose sucker- 
To go with the Saline spray. This help you get everything out of your babies nose, obviously they cant do it them self and it must be so annoying having it all stuffed up.We got one of these from mother care when Jake was little but it had a rip in the bottom so when i went to Boots to get a new one they didn't have any of the ones i had got before. I ended up getting one of the new ones where you suck everything out yourself, i didn't want to as the thought made me gip but it really isnt bad at all and these type are so much more affective so i would definitely recommend it over the ones where you press the bottom.
Bouncer -
This is so help full if you need to lay baby down while you do something. I don't feel like Emme is really in hers alot ( because i like to give her cuddles) but when i need to clean up or make dinner this is a must.We have a swing too but she hasn't been in that yet i think it will be better when shes a bit older.

I think that's about all i can think of at the minute but if there is anything you would like to know about or if you are expecting/just had a baby and theres something you have been wanting to know leave a comment or you can email me :) 

5 February 2013

This week....

I feel like im hardly getting any time to post on my blog recently, i have so many things i want to post about! I have found a great new fake tan which i really want to get a post up on soon. I have the cutest personalised teddy of Emme's i want to share to because i just love it and loadsss more my list is growing daily of things i want to post but its just finding the time :(.I can not believe Emme is almost a month old already it has gone so fast, its crazy. Im definitely making the most of it and spending every second cuddling her, i wish i could just press pause for a while and keep her tiny. I feel very lucky to have such a good happy healthy little girl.

Ive decided im going to start doing weekly posts with pictures from the week again, i always love looking back on ones ive done before and seeing how much the boys are growing up and now Emme is here i think it will like nice to be able to look back and remember when it was we did certain things. Especially throughout her first year when there will be lots of 'firsts'.

This last week Jason has been home most of it as his days off were Tuesday till Friday. We haven't really done anything out of our normal routine as the boys have been at school and now they are both at nursery together! We registered Emme on Wednesday! I spent the afternoon at my mums on Thursday so she could spend sometime with Emme as its harder to spend the whole day other there like i used to when  the boys were younger and now with them been at school i cant stay as long with Emme so i feel as though she doesn't get to see her as often as id like  which i hate because i want her to grow up been close to my mum...she still does see her quite often but im just so close to my mum  id spend everyday with her if  could. Then friday Mine and Jason friend came over to meet Emme and brought there little girl Scarlett who is 5 months old :) The boys love babies so they were really excited. Jake and Cambell got to go play at Fun alot on Sunday for Jason's little sisters birthday party.

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