28 July 2013

D.I.Y Cake Pops....

Ever since i had a cake pop at the Leeds FABB event I've been craving another! 
I made them for the first time a few days ago and they are so easy to do and taste so good! 

All you need is-
Cake mix
Chocolate buttercream 
Bar of chocolate

How to Make-
1. Make up a cake or buns. I used a chocolate mix and made around 12 buns then left them to cool.
2. Break them up so the are crumbled.
3. Mix in the chocolate buttercream and make them into little balls.
4. Put in the sticks and put them in the freezer for around 30 minutes.
5. Melt you bar of chocolate and dip in the frozen cake pops. The melted chocolate will harden smoothly straight away from the coldness of the cakes.
6. Sprinkle on you topping :)

How easy is that!
Its a great little activity to do with the kiddies through the holidays or if your having a party.

Laura xxx

22 July 2013

HD Brows Bronzer....

I've been using the HD Brows Bronzer for the last month or two and i love it. I wasn't sure if i wanted to put it in a favourite's post or do a post on on its own. The bronzer is really pigmented and doesn't have any orange tones to it. You would think it's easy to find a bronzer without orange tones as no one likes an orange face but its actually quite hard alot i have tried i hated. Before trying the HD Brows bronzer i had been using Mac's Harmony as a contour as it was the best i found without the orangey look....and its a blush not actually a bronzer. After i had mine a few weeks i went to do my make up and the powder was all broken up into little bits, i was gutted. I'm guessing some little fingers had got into my make up bag and dropped it :(. It is really soft so im guessing that's when it broke so easy but i have still been using it daily, i just have to be careful and light handed with it being so pigmented. 
I would definitely repurchase when it runs out.

Laura xx

19 July 2013

Over the last few weeks i have been trying out the Black Et Blanc Mycrolator with filtered oils. If you haven't heard of it before the mycrolator is less scary version of the Dermaroller... a device with needles that is rolled over the skin. The Mycrolator is like the baby version with 16 tiny mini needles.
You Stamp the mycrolator gently over clean skin (avoiding thin areas, eg under eyes). The tiny needles penetrate the top dead layer of skin allowing the oils to reach in and work their magic. 
I know hearing needles may sound scary..it did to me but i wanted to really give my skin a boost, the are tiny and you cant really feel anything at all. After using the needles you cleanse your face again before using the oils. It leave my skin feeling soft and refreshed like I'm doing something special for my skin.Perfect for what your wanting a bit of pampering.

Here's a little about Black Et Blanc.
Black et Blanc are a UK based company who make all their own products.
Most oils and creams are not absorbed into the skin but using Black et blanc Mycrolator it help the oils absorb and the beneficial effects are significantly enhanced. Each of the pack contains natural oils each intended or a specific skin type.

Oil 1 - Mature Skin: To enhance, glow and hydrate.

Oil 2 - Dry Skin: To maintain high moisture levels.
Oil 3 - Blemished Skin: Reduces small scars and acne marks.
Oil 4 - Sensitive Skin: Soothes easily irritated skin.
Oil 5 - Antioxidant Care: General use to keep skin healthy.

There are 2 kits available, the one i have which is the mini 3 pack and the larger pack which has 16 oils.

Laura xx

Off We Go...

Last Friday we decided to have a trip to he seaside after the boys finished school, we don't normally go that late but it was a last minute decision as Jason was suppose to be on his 18 days o but got all in to work this week. We went to pick the boys up and it was their summer fair so they went to have a go on the rides and Jason got the call so as soon as we left the fair we drove down to the seaside. It was a crazy hot day so i expected the beach to be full but we didn't get there until around 6ish so it was quite empty...which was fun. The boys loved it they had fun building sandcastles and having fish and chips on the beach....obviously had to get some donuts on the way home. Always the best from the sea side!!  

I love this picture of Emme and Jason :) so cute! & the boys holding Jason's hand near the sea :).

Laura xxx

14 July 2013

July GlossyBox 2013, Seaside Splash...

This month box is prepping you for the perfect summer seaside getaway. 
Once i've seen whats in my box i'm always curious to what is in everyone else's and the different products.
The Products i got in this months box..
Essie Nail Stickers
I think these look really pretty and elegant, i love the design. I'm looking forward to trying these as other nail stickers ive tried worked really well and stayed on a long time. I love the other designs in the essie ones too especially the white with writing on.
Anatomicals spray mist
Anatomicals seem to be popping up in every box now. I am a big fan of face mists ive used them for a while.I like to use it after applying makeup, i think it makes it sit nicer and if there is any cakey ness it takes it away. I mainly stick to mac's so its nice to try out cheaper alternatives. I'm not keen on the smell as its quite strong lavender and rose. Lavender seems to be in most face mists but the smell gives me a headache. However i will be using this one up especially in this heat.
I never heard of this brand before and it looks quite interesting, this is a mineral sunscreen tinted moisturiser. From what ive read Coola is an organic sunscreen with spf20. It provides complete UVA/UVB protection and fights free radicals, while smoothing toning and minimizing pores.It says you will be protected 30 minutes after you apply and to re apply every two hours to stay protected.
Fullsize is £29.99

Bamboo Style Boho waves Mist
I awlays like to see hair care in beauty boxes and this is a great product for summer if your going to the beach to get the perfect textured waves. I love the look of  the boho waves so im going give this ago and see how it works with my hair. You can spray it on dry or damp hair from roots to ends and shape with fingers.....perfect fast hair! It has organic bamboo and blue yucca root.
Full size is £23.00

Over all this is a good summer box, all these products would be great for the beach. I love the look of the nail polish in the other boxes this month too. 
What did you get in your box?

Laura xxx

10 July 2013

Emme's first doll!...Little us dolls

Little us doll | £9.99

Emme recently got her first doll Millie. She loves her, i can see my house been full of dolls soon. Millie is one of the four Little us dolls each has the own style and personality which is so fun to match one up to the style of your little girl. Millie is a tom boy so not quite like Emme..shes all dress'es a girly things at the minute haha but shes very cute and cuddley. They all come with a little description about their personality. They would be a perfect present if you looking for a birthday gift for a little girl. 

 I'm Millie and i don't like dresses, princesses or fairies. I love playing outside and playing with the boys so i can run and climb and play hide and seek.

I'm Amelia i am a little bit shy, i like to read my books and look after my animals especially if they are poorly. When i grow up i am going to look after all the poorly animals and make them all better.

I'm Chloe and I like everything Pink. I also like singing and dancing all the time and i love playing dress up. When i grow up i am going to be a princess or fairy.

I'm Ruby and my mummy says i'm a little Diva. Sometimes i get into trouble for talking too much or maybe being naughty, but i like being a grown up and when i am older i am going to be just like mummy.

Laura & Emme :) 

8 July 2013

Emme's 6 Month update!...

Half a year!! half a year... how fast has the time gone?! 
Emme seems to be growing up so fast, alot has changed this month. 5 month - 6 month is where you see alot of things happening i think. She has started on solids which she is loving! i have mainly been doing porridge and fruits and she has tried some sweet potato.
She has two teeth! her bottom two have finally cut through and seem to be growing really fast now. She seemed to be teething for ages before came but she wasn't very fussy about it she would just chew everything!
She said 'dada' last week for the first time! her first word! Jason was so happy! 
Today she said 'mama' eeekkk .
She is still sleeping through the night, i lay her in her cot after her last bottle as she will go straight to sleep, shes always been really good and being able to sleep by herself. Bed time is 8 and she wakes up around 8 which is perfect, im usually wake before her now which is crazy lol.
Still in size 3 nappy's and ive just started her in 6-9month clothes.
She doesn't sit up on her own yet... how old was your baby when they were able to sit unsupported?
I keep meaning to get the boys books out and look up their ages!

Laura xxx

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5 July 2013

Weekend offer...

Just wanted to let you know about the offer we have on over at The Bow Boutique , seen as though its the weekend and my sister/ other half of The Bow Boutique is sunning her self in spain for the weekend (yes im jealous lol) i thought i would out on a little offer, Buy 5 headbands and get a free shabby headband :). All the headbands are really affordable... shabby's are £1.49! Satin flowers and bows are £2.50. If you have looked at our site before and wanted some now is the perfect time while you can get an extra free :) all you have to do is leave the size you want your free headband in the notes at check out and i will pop and extra on in your package.

If you want to keep up to date with new stock and what we are up to you can follow our facebook page HERE too.

Thank you to everyone that have liked our Facebook page or followed on twitter and of course bought our headbands ( your girlies look fab!) it mean so much to me...and Tanya we have been working so hard on this its great to see people wearing our headbands :)

Hope you like them :)

Laura xxx

4 July 2013

Little Pinkies...

Little Pinkies 

My new Little Pinkies personalised necklace arrived this morning and i couldn't wait to post about it.As soon as i opened the box up i had to take pictures and get a post up to show you. Little Pinkies take your childs foot/hand or finger prints and then engrave it on to silver stering or 9 carat gold. You can choose from necklaces, lockets, bracelets, key rings, cuff links or rings to have your print engraved onto so there's something or everyone. I absolutely love the necklace its so precious and something i will have forever. Its the perfect gift. I really love the bracelet too. They look and feel so well made, it feels like it has some weight to it...if you know what i mean.. it feels like its special.
I have all three of my babies prints engraved, Jake and Emme are on the larger pendant and Cambell's on the smaller. (Cambell was printed wrong)  I have the two boys do hand prints as they are older its easier for them to understand how to do it and for Emme we did her foot print as under 6 month old they don't really open their hand out fully and it would have been so hard to get. Then i have their names and dates of birth printed on the other side :).
Its so easy to do and if you need any help Little pinkies get back to you really fast and are very helpful. Once you have ordered Little Pinkies will sent you out a kit which includes a wipe and sheet where you do the prints. Just wipe the hand or foot with the wipe and print it on to the sheet. pop it back in to the pre paid envelope little pinkies will do the engraving on to the item you chose and send it back out to you. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give someone i would definitely recommend having a look at the website. They are amazing quality so personal.

Laura xxx

Don't forget to check out my shop. www.the-bow-boutique.co.uk

1 July 2013

The Bow Boutique is OPEN!

Mine and my sisters headband website has just gone live. If your looking for cute headbands come have a look, we have shabby's , Satin flowers and Bows at the minute but much more will be added. The would be perfect for a birthday present or even baby shower gift if your stuck for idea's :) 

There is 35% off all single shabby headbands at the minute too!
The discount will update itself at checkout :)

Laura xxxx
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