29 September 2013

Day 3! The Baby and Toddler Show Manchester | The Bow Boutique

Today is the Last day of The Baby and Toddler Show in Manchester! It seems to have gone by so fast but we have really enjoyed it and met so many lovely people. It was great to walk around the show and see so many little babies wearing our Headbands. 
It is the perfect place to be if you are Pregnant or have small baby, you can find some great deals! I have seen so many things i want to buy for Emme today! Yesterday i got her a gorgeous new blanket from Toffee Moon!  

Have you been to The baby and Toddler Show Before? 
Laura x

27 September 2013

The Bow Boutique are going to THE BABY & TODDLER SHOW!!!

We are so excited to be part of The baby & toddler show this weekend! After starting The Bow Boutique in July, after our crazy addiction to headbands we are really excited to be joining in such a big event! 
We have had a really busy few days sorting things out and getting everything ready. Today we went to Manchester to get our stand set up and now having a late night getting beautiful headbands ready for the big day tomorrow! 

Are you going to be at the show this weekend? 

Laura xx

24 September 2013

Emme's 8 Month update!

Headband from The Bow Boutique

This post is so late! I've been so busy this month with The Bow Boutique and with us been on holiday (can't wait to go back!) I Can't believe Emme is nearly 9 month! 
*She is still sleeping though the night.
*Eating alot more different foods.
*She can easily sit herself up from laying down.
*In size 4 nappys.
*Just started putting her in her 9-12 month clothes although they are still too big ( i couldn't wait, they were too cute!) 
*She has such a fun, cheeky personality!
*In my last update she wasn't sitting up on her own yet but she can now easily sit up which she started doing on the 25th August so a month ago a week or two before she turned 8 month.
* She can now CRAWL too!!! She did it for the first time on Saturday night, the day after we got home from Isle of wight! I really though she would of started while we were there as she had been trying so hard the week before. I'm so excited for her although it does mean i have to move EVERYTHING out of reach now for the next year so she can break anything aghhhh! 

Laura xx

21 September 2013

Isle of wight... (Video)

On jasons grandads bench

This last week we've been at the Isle of wight....again. I love going back so much :) I'm going to do a post with more pictures once i get them uploaded to the computer but i feel like i haven't posted in so long i wanted to get something up! We Stayed at Lower hyde in a chalet like we do every year (its 2 minutes away from Jason's family) This year was so good for the boys, now they are older they enjoy everything so much more. We went into the club every night and they has so much fun dancing to the songs and seeing sparky and sparkle ( i am now stuck with the madness of mayhem and Sparkys crew club songs in my head!!) We went to the needles, Amazon world, dinosaur world and lots of other places. I made a video of the holiday for they boys to watch ( and Emme when shes older) as they love watching the ones from when we went when they were younger. 

Link to the video Here

Laura xx

11 September 2013

Little Bird Told me..

Little Bird Told Me | £40 

I've been wanting to do a post on Emme's mobile for a while but I just could get a picture I was happy with to show how beautiful it is. Emme's cot is currently in our room so the back ground isn't all her pretty pink room and the minute like i would of liked. I looked everywhere for the perfect moblie to go with Emme's room while i was pregnant but i couldn't find what i was looking for. I really wanted to go for a wood one as i think they look really pretty. As soon as i set this up and layed Emme in her cot she LOVED it! she would smile and lay and watch the butterfly's. If i turned the sound on she falls to sleep by the time its finished playing. 
Everything on the site i love, it is all the style of baby items i am into... fabric & wooden. I would seriously buy the while site if i could! The softy snail infant rocker is so cute!They have the cutest Rocking horse's i really want to get Emme the Ruby & Belle one for Christmas it's so girly and pink. If you are pregnant or have a little one definitely have a look through the site. It will be prefect for Christmas gifts! 

Laura xx

10 September 2013

Two 4year olds!

Yesterday was Cambells 4'th Birthday!! 
He has been excited for his birthday for so long, he was up super early to open his presents. He's really excited that hes the same age as Jake now...for a few weeks. He keep say 'Jake I'm four same as you,i caught you up!'We played some games in the morning but he had nursery in the afternoon, the school he is at is brilliant for the little ones on their birthdays. The get area with balloons and a sign with happy birthday and a picture. Then they have a birthday chair that you can only sit on when its your birthday which they love because they feel special only they can sit on it. The they bring a card, picture of them self, certificate and bookmark home.Then after school we played lots of birthday games like pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey :).  It was a really fun day, he loved it :) I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!
Jake's birthday is on the 26th of September so i have a few weeks of having 2 four year olds :).
2nd birthday
3rd birthday

Laura xx

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