31 October 2013

Emme's First Pumpkin...

We did our pumpkin carving yesterday ready for tonight, the boys have decided they are taking their pumpkins to nana's as we go trick or treating around there every year with all their cousins. Its so much fun for all 7 of them to get together and have some spooky fun. 
Emme absolutely loved the pumpkins, she went crazy when i let her have a look. She got all excited and banged on it. She is definitely ready for next year so she can get stuck in and help.Jake and Cambell loved designing how they wanted them to look. Both going for different things.Jake has never really liked getting messy so he wasn't as into getting all the seeds out as Cambell. They have been playing with them all day!
We are going to get dressed up and go to my sisters (lots of new goodies have arrived for the website eekkk) then when it starts to get dark we will all go to my mums. I  LOVE Halloween!!! 

Happy Halloween!!

30 October 2013

Mummy & Me ....

Don't you just love accidental photos. Cambell had my phone and snapped this of me and Emme, his finger covers the side of the photo but i love it. I've woke up in one of them moods where you just want to sit and blog all day! My sister stayed over last night *shes still snoring* which the boys love. We are going to be doing Jake and Cambells Pumpkins today.It's such a fun activity to do even though it can get quite messy! This is my post from their first pumpkins in 2011! It has become a little tradition that we all sit around the table and do out pumpkins together every year, i never really did them when i was little. Our other Halloween tradition is that we all meet up at my mums. Me, all my sister's and their little ones then we go around trick or treating together. The street we grew up on isn't very big, its just like on big circle and most people have lived there years so they saw us grow up.
What do you do on Halloween?
It seems to have come around really fast this year, i haven't even had chance to watch Hocus Pocus yet!


27 October 2013

Happy Halloween from The Bow Boutique | Offers & Giveaways

We have lots of fab offer's on over on our website at the minute with headbands from £1!! Our Next made to match clips are on offer too...3 for £2.75!We Show all our new products on our Facebook page first and we also share all our discount code on there first too. If you have a little girl or you like headbands yourself come over and have a chat with us :) 
If you already have one of our clips/headbands id love to see some pictures :).
We also have a giveaway on at the minute to win one of our new gem headbands. 

Laura xx

26 October 2013

Haunted Halloween House | Scary Spider!

The Boys broke up for half term yesterday. Jake's first term at big school done already! I bought them a Haunted ginger bread house for them to do so they had alot of fun putting all the sweets on and making it look spooky. Then as soon as they were done they broke it up to share and ate it haha. We always get the Christmassy one for them to do i think its a nice little tradition for them that they will remember when they are older. I remembered to get their pumpkins early this year instead of searching everywhere closer to the night. There did seem to be lots about still this year thought..have you got yours yet? I started baking the seeds from them for a little snack for them after. So we still have that to do this week, i didn't want to do it too early incase it went smelly!
ohh my gosh... funny story for you today!
I saw a huge spider on the floor next to our hoover so i shouted Jason and told him to get it! He ended up putting a cup over it so it could run away because it was dark. One of the kids must of shouted us before he had the chance to pick it up so we forgot about it.This morning when i went to get the hoover i saw it still there ( the plastic cup was coloured so i couldn't see it) i was soooo scared to lift it up incase it came at me. In the end i braved up and slowly lifted the cup expecting a giant spider to run at me. IT WAS PLASTIC... !! omg i nearly died laughing when i realised it wasn't moving. I text Jason and he believe it because he though it was real too haha. It was from when i did the spooky fruit with the boys, I can't believe we didn't notice!! They have been all over the house too from being played with and they are so obviously fake... think it was because it was dark ;)

Do you follow The Bow Boutique on facebook?
I've just read this article by lovemyvouchers* on the 10 most annoying people on facebook. I think most people who have a baby can relate to number 3 lol. The main thing i post on fb is pictures is pictures of the kiddies, although not 10 a day..maybe ever few weeks lol I'm more of an instagram user! 

25 October 2013

Emme's first time swimming...

*For some reason the pictures of my amazing swim suit wont load so i will have to re take them :( 
This is the Goddess Boyleg Swimsuit i wore :) i love it.
While we were on holiday last month we wanted to take Emme and the Boys swimming for the first time. I knew Emme would love it and it was the perfect opportunity. Before we went away in September i hadn't been swimming for years. I never felt comfortable enough. I was always looking for that perfect swimsuit but never seemed to be able to find what i wanted. Just before our holiday i came across Beach cafe a website full of gorgeous swimwear and found the perfect Seafolly 1950's style swimsuit. Black, flattering neckline, ruched at the front (helps with the slimming effect;) ) and the legs are shorts! I love it! I'm sure if i hadn't of found that exact one id of given in again and not gone! 
Emme absolutely love being in the water in her little seat, she was splashing and kicking her little feet. The boys thought it was amazing too, we hadn't taken them before because i knew they wouldn't have got it the water, they would of hated it but they are at the age now where they understood more and knew what was happening and that it was a fun thing. They went down the slide a million times which surprised me too. We are going to be going alot more now we know how much all three love it. One thing ive always wanted to teach them is how to swim, i feel like its one of them things you need to be able to do and learn while your young. 
How old were you when you learnt to swim?


24 October 2013

What she wore | Her Style

For Emme's first 'Her Style' post i wanted to Show her new winter coat for this year. I looked everywhere for a coat for her and couldn't find what i wanted anywhere. I looked all around where we live and then when we went down to the Isle of  Wight i looked all round the shops there and didn't find one so i went back to my trusty favourite... Next. The one i originally wanted from there was sold out so when i went back into the store i saw this one and another one and Jason loved this. I'm so glad because i love it i think it looks to cute on her! Especially with her cream tights and glittery headband

Coat | Next £23
Tights | Next £7.50
Headband | The Bow Boutique £3.50


22 October 2013

What he wore | His style...

I've been wanting to do more kiddy outfit posts for my blog for a while, i do them most days with Emme on my instagram (@lauraemma77) but i want to move them over here. The boys are alot more interested in what they wear so i though it would be fun to have pictures to remember when they are older ;). They have a huge craze on hats at the minute...which i love too. I think they look so cool with their different hats on and it definitely finishes off an outfit. Kind of like Emme and her headbands.
This outfit is what Cambell picked out to wear for his non-uniform day at school last week. He loved it so asked me to get pictures on the way...definitely a little poser! I love his little pumps but i think its time to find him some boots now it seems to be non-stop raining, ugh!

Hat | Next £8
Top | Next £5.50
Trousers | Next £9
Coat | Next 
Shoes | River Island £8
I have a slight  obsession with next!


18 October 2013

#SpookyFruits Competiton

 AlexandAlexa are running a #SpookyFruits blogger competition on their website to win so many great Halloween prizes which would be amazing for the boys to win so we had to take part! I love doing crafty things with the boys so i knew they would love this...what boys don't like to make spooky things! There three chances to win too as there is a first, second and third place. Included in first and second is two Halloween costumes!
When i told the boys about it they were really excited, this morning we went to get lots of different fruit we could use...we actually ended up finding a fruit we hadn't tried before and now love!
Cambell made a spider from blueberries, plum, tooth picks and almonds as eyes which he loved doing, while eating half of the blueberrys, it kind of went...one for spider...one for Cam..He also made some Creepy teeth from apples and almonds.
Jake went straight for the persimmons and gave it a face then filled it with grapes. He loves doing pumpkins for Halloween and the persimmons looks like a mini pumpkin so he loved it! Then Jake wanted to scoop all the pineapple out and it had grapes, blueberries and spiders crawling out of its mouth. 
The Boys both had so much fun doing this and the competition is still open until the 24th October if you want to enter. 


11 October 2013

Emme's first shoes..

Clarks | £24
Last week while Jason was off work i decided i wanted to get Emme's feet measured and some shoes that would help her learning to walk as shes started standing up and taking steps with her walker. I always see so many cute shoes for her but never know what size to get so for her first 'proper' pair of shoes i wanted to take her somewhere i trusted to fit her properly. 
I originally wanted to get her some white shoes so they would go with everything, or pale pink but to be honest there wasn't much choice at all.I had the choice of two pairs that were in her size, these and some plum comes although when she tried them on they were too big. 
She was measured at a 3.5 G. She isn't walking yet she got some pre walkers which are not as hard on the bottom as the walkers. As they are pre walkers they gave her a bit of extra space in the shoes.If you feel where her toes are there is still alot of growing space in them which is good because i know they will last her a while.
I can't find the ones she had on the website but they were suppose to be £24 luckily i live round the corner from an outlet ( Junction 32) so they were only £16 in store. 


10 October 2013

The Body Shop- Youth Drops ...

The Body Shop | £22.00

I love The body Shop products, I've always used their body butters, soaps etc... the vanilla perfume is amazing!When i heard about the Nutriganics Drops of Youth from The Body Shop i couldn't wait to try it out. 
The organic range has been created to help the first signs of ageing which is perfect for me at the minute*crys*. It helps to enhance the surface skin to help it look smoother and healthier.Stem cells have a bit of a reputation for medical reasons and preventing ageing which is what the drops of youth contains. 99% of the indigence included in the drop are organic.
Since i have been using the serum i have already notice a difference in my skin,it feels alot more hydrated and moisturised. My skin type is quite dry so the first thing i look for when buying a  moisturiser/ serum is how hydrating it is. I'm really happy with this one at the minute, its doing great things for my skin. It definitely feels smoother and healthier.

The bottle is quite expensive at £22 but a little does go along way so i can see it lasting me a while.


8 October 2013

Pizza Night!...

Last weekend was the first time id ever tried Domino's pizza <<< yup first time!! I always see people instagraming there weekly Domino's and the picture where you can see when its been made etc. So last week when i had a voucher* for the Chimichurri pizza Jason when out and picked it up for tea. We ended up really liking it and you know when you have something and you just have to have it again... that happened and we ended up going again on Tuesday *ooopss!!*. It was super hot and pizza seemed like the best idea ;). This time we wanted to try the Hotdog stuffed crust... not your normal thing to have in the crust! I thought they only did cheese stuffed crust pizza. I really liked it, i think i actually prefer it to cheese, im not going to lie im not big on 'meateor' or 'meatfeast' pizza's but you can get what ever topping you like and that's Jason's favourite so i just pinched the crust haha. When we went to pick it up because it was Tuesday there was a buy one get one free offer on so i got the Chimichurri one again which i loved. Its chicken strips, red & green peppers with Chimichurri sauce!
Domino's is quite expensive for a pizza takeaway, it's £15.99 for a large pizza which is a normal size for sharing. But they always seem to have offers on which make it more affordable. There is one on through the week for 50% off when you spend £15 which is quite good! Everything we got came to £23.28 which isn't too bad for two large stuff crust pizzas and chicken wings. 


Just before Jake started full time school i couldn't decided if it would be better to have him on school dinners or make him packed lunches. He is a really fussy eater and i knew there would rarely be something on the school menu he would eat.... especially after seeing the example menu so we went with packed lunches. I wanted to get him one that would keep his food nice and fresh but i also wanted one he could hold the handle. I ended up going with a Munchkin lunch box and a Monsters inc one to put this inside of so he could carry it. 
He love's the munchkin one as it comes with its own spoon and folk which he thinks is amazing. It has a big section for a sandwich and then about it is another section where you can have to holders to put some fruit in to keep it nice and fresh or remove them to put something bigger in. Depending on what hes taking that day i can decided if i want them in or out which is great. 
The box itself is microwaveable and freezer safe. It's also dishwasher safe and bpa free.

If your looking for a lunch box for you little one this is a great one to look for. I'm going to get the pink one for Emme for when we go out so i can take her some snacks :)

Laura xx

7 October 2013

Emme's 9 Month Update!!

Emme turned 9 Month yesterday...i just cant believe it, this year is flying by. 
She seems to get getting alot stronger really quickly shes gone from just learning how to crawl to been able to stand herself up!!  I definitely think shes going to be walking earlier than the boys did. We went and got her her first 'proper' shoes today. She has other ugg type and pump shoes but i wanted to get her a pair of clarks shoes to help her now shes standing up. I will do a post showing the ones we went with later this week although there wasn't really much choice. I really wanted to get her feet measured because i had no idea which size to order her when i buy other shoes too. At the minute she is a 3&1/2 G!
She cut she top teeth last week too :), finally after weeks and weeks of them trying to come down.
She is still in size 4 nappy's, still sleeping through the night. We  have just moved her on the the 6 month+ milk now shes eating more... i didn't think to do it earlier as she was happy with her other milk but i don't think shes even noticed its been changed!
She crawls all over now, if she sees something she wants she will g get it lol and she just finds something to hold on to and stands herself up so easily! Its crazy how fast they learn things!!

I cant belive its 10 month next!! So close to a year!!


4 October 2013

Birthday surprises...

It was my birthday on Monday! (30th September :) ). After a crazy weekend at the baby and toddler show i was  looking forward to doing nothing but relaxing all day....apart from the 3 trips to school and back ugh! Jason was back at work which is typical! I don't think hes had my birthday off work since he started working. It always seems to drop on that hes back on days. 
He had left me my card down stairs, the boys were so excited that it was my birthday so they couldn't wait to get down stairs to open my card they had wrote for me :). Jason left me a little note inside my card saying my present would be delivered that morning!! .... I had no idea what it was at all! I couldn't wait to open it once it arrived! 
Then on the night my mum & dad called over with a birthday cake for me and Jason came home from work with a Chinese.... my fave! 


2 October 2013

Amazing weekend..

We had an amazing weekend at The baby & toddler Show in Manchester this weekend. It was great to meet lots of new people and see little princess's going around the show in our headbands! We even had quite a few people buy them who didn't even know if the  were having a boy or girl yet! We absolutely loved it and cant wait to do another show! 
I found some lovely little goodies for my little ones too! Emme got an amazing blanket from , Toffeemoon they also have the cutest clothes. I also found the softest boots from Ruby & ed ... they have a blanket with the same material as the inside of the boots which i NEED, they are so soft the blanket will be so nice and warm. And for the boys i found some fun walking balloon pets! They loved them and are still walking them around the house. They both have a gaffe and dinosaur.

Laura xx
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